Wheelhaus: Authentic Deutschland Delivery
Art Direction by Paul Sheriff

Logo Design

Wheelhaus creates a unique dine-at-home experience that will keep the whole family excited for dinner. Serving all neighborhoods around Wheelhaus offers unique delivery from two vintage beer trucks. Running on all 4 wheels, 6 days a week. Wheelhaus is ready to provide you and your family a special dinner experience.
The most unique aspect of Wheelhaus are the vintage delivery trucks that deliver and serve our food. One truck, Opel Blitz, delivers the ordered food right to your front door in a more traditional fashion. The other truck, the Guten Tag, will park in one spot for a couple of hours and allow customers to order food and drinks right at the window. The Guten Tag is equipped with beer taps which proudly serves our own famous Lager, Pilsner and Premium Bock. Wheelhaus aims to create a unique food truck experience by offering alcohol for the adults and some fun German meals for the kids. 

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